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With certain software and videography "we" can detect 'invisible' micro-movements and also now even detect the sounds from the space where the video was recorded and even learn how to simulate the various recorded objects!!!!/AbeDavisTEDtalk:Youtube2015 



"But now we have ' w e s t e r n c i v i l i z a t i o n ' , ' t h e r u l e o f l a w ' ; the rule of law has regularized and maximized the injustice that existed b e f o r e the rule of law." Matt Damon reading HOWARD ZINN 



...and HERE is the link to the Scientific Paper about the warm fish.













Who is that man, SEE BELOW, and what was said during the time between the two screen-captures B E L O W  ?

SEARCH  :  David  R o c k e f e l l e r   AND   The   B i l d e r b e r g s    

Government = Govern mente = to control the mind

They can control us by keeping us in fear... fear of more than physical danger; how about economic uncertainty cause fear ...


Question:  Which parent Corporations own the 6 or so MAIN mainstream media corporations?


Mainstream Media Consolidation, from more than 50 to now about 5 major Large Corporations owning most of it.









Important education  regarding Edward Bernays and psychiatry and behaviorism manipulation etc on and on...


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NOTE:  Joseph Goebbels, who worked for Hitler in the 1930s, was a fan of Edward Bernays and co.

















Wilt Chamberlain:     1987 Interview


Michael Jordan:     Ahmad Rashad interview 2013      Oprah after first retirement     Oprah circa 2006


God Shamgod:     podcast interview


Oscar Robertson:


Bill Russell:    "Mr. Russel's House" with Bill Simmons


Kobe Bryant:    













S E A R C H ___ Y o u t u b e :        Frank Kaminsky      Sam Dekker












Steven Kotler:    Important podcast with Lewis Howes     podcast 'this week in startups'     Youtube 2014 Bulletproof conference


Jamie Wheal:    via SenseLabs December2014       






JRE with The Iceman ... see his info about breathing and cold

JRE with RondaPatrick ... see her info about meditation and telomeres



Esther Gokhale    Restoring our primal architecture--VIDEO    Sitting good bad ugly--VIDEO     Lecture given at google--VIDEO